Kona Brewing Kettle Converted to Rain Catchment System: Phase One Completed

Kona Brew Tank ConversionWe are excited to have one of our very own tenants work towards our goal to be a better neighbor in the community. As you may have read in a previous blog post (http://kokomarinacenter.com/blog/Koko-Marina-Center-marks-a-very-significant-birthday-by-partnering-to-protect-Maunalua-Bay/), Koko Marina Center was proud to partner with Malama Maunalua on a project to feature an EPA Healthy Watershed demonstration Project as a part of a grant Malama Maunalua received from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Now, Kona Brewing Co. has also partnered with Malama Maunalua to put their kettle to good use. According to Malama Maunalua, rain catchment in our urban areas is beneficial for a number of reasons: every drop of water we can capture and keep on land, reduces the amount of water running into the bay and carrying with it dirt, heavy metals from cars brake systems, oils and rubbish. This tank will hold approx 1,200 gallons of rain water, and it will be used to take care of nearby landscaping at the Kona Brew Pub at Koko Marina Center. Using the area of roof which drains into the tank and a common catchment equation, it is estimated that it will take just 2 inches of rain to fill this tank.

With the first phase completed, phase two will entail connecting the downspouts from the roof to the tank and various other simple modifications to complete the catchment. Phase three will tackle the landscaping by introducing a native plant garden adjacent to the tank in the existing planter area that will serve as an overflow for those extra rainy days when the tank has reached capacity but the rains haven’t stopped.

Visit MalamaMaunalua.org to learn more about what can be done on land and in the ocean to protect the bay. It may seem like this project is just one system, but the cumulative impact of a whole community taking the same actions is very meaningful. A big MAHALO NUI goes out to George Puder and Kahala Construction for their support in completing phase one of the conversion of the Kona Brewing kettle into a rain catchment system.