Uma Thai Spa & Wellness Center

Uma Thai Spa & Wellness Center offers its clients the highest quality massage and specializes in matching each client's specific needs to the appropriate massage therapy treatment. They are one of the few places in Hawaii to offer traditional Thai style massage.

The goal of Uma Thai Spa is for every single guest to leave the spa with a memorable experience; feeling cared for, totally relaxed, healthy and happy with how they look and feel, every single time they visit.​

Every Massage from Uma Thai spa is completely unique, because we honor the diversity of the cultureand are immersed in the traditions from numerous Asian cultures that are part of Hawaii. It's our promise that you will experience our commitment to your ultimate satisfaction by our healing sense of touch.

The owner, Umaphorn Litton is fully licensed and a professional massage therapist with over 12 years of experience working as a therapist in both Thailand and Hawaii.  She grew up in Thailand where she was first introduced to massage therapy by her sisters who owned and operated a Thai massage businesses in Thailand.  After attending Chiang Mai Massage school and working in Thailand, she moved to Hawaii to start a new life and began her American dream of owning a business. She is dedicated to and specializes in authentic traditional Thai Massage (true deep tissue muscle relief), Swedish style and injury rehabilitation massage.  

About Thai Massage

Ancient Thai Massage is one of the world’s oldest healing institutions. The Thai people saw illness as an imbalance between the Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. Thai Massage is a technique used to give one a new life experience. It works on the so called “energy lines” that run throughout the human body.

In addition to the life energy aspects, Thai Massage also works on the physical body. Joints are loosened and muscles are stretched from the feet to the head. This combination of energetic and physical aspects is unique to Thai Massage, and so are its effects!

An integral part of traditional Thai medicine is the use of herbs during a Thai Massage. Thai people apply this belief and benefit Thai herbal treatments as tools for relaxation and disease prevention. Our Traditional Thai Herb Ball contains a blend of many Thai herbs, whose essential oils are transferred to the skin when applied to the body with heat and pressure, thus reducing muscular tension and increasing blood circulation, as well as, improving skin appearance.

In addition to traditional Thai Massage, they also offer the following massage treatments:

Thai Aroma


Deep Tissue


Thai Herb Ball