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Integral Rehab

Integral Rehab

Jana N. Kay, MPT

Practicing physical therapy in Honolulu since 1996

Mount St. Mary’s College Master of Physical Therapy 1996

Certified Pilates Instructor with emphasis on rehabilitation
Certified Gyrotonic Trainer

I started Integral Rehab LLC in 2009 because I wanted to go beyond the traditional physical therapy model of treating only the injured body part.  My treatments incorporate the entire person, looking specifically at habitual or faulty movement patterns that cause and perpetuate pain.  All sessions are one on one, I do not use aides or techs.  I use traditional physical therapy assessment and evaluation techniques, manual therapy and modalities and design specific Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise programs for each individual.

What is Gyrotonic®?

Gyrotonic® is a form of exercise based on functional movement.  It is the logical transition from a Pilates-based program as it involves combined spinal motions performed with control.  Great emphasis is placed on spinal stabilization, but exercises are progressed out of neutral spine into flexion, extension and rotation, approximating more closely everyday life.  Through the spiraling motions of the exercises, muscles and tendons are simultaneously stretched and strengthened and joints are mobilized.  Extremity injuries respond well to Gyrotonic® as coordination and proprioception are challenged.  Unlike traditional physical therapy exercise machines, Gyrotonic® trains the body in a more natural, three-dimensional way. When used for rehabilitation, fluid, natural movement can be restored quickly and easily.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise focused on core control and efficiency of movement. The deep stabilizers of the spine are addressed prior to the larger superficial power muscles to ensure controlled movement on a stable base and minimize the risk of injury.  Emphasis is placed on correcting muscle imbalance and weakness to prepare the body for functional, dynamic movement in all directions.

Once the deep stabilizers are firing properly, maintaining neutral spine, programming is advanced to incorporate functional movements including rotation.  Pilates-Based Rehabilitation is the ideal solution for long-term pain relief without drugs or surgery, and can be particularly helpful for conditions which have not responded to other forms of therapy.




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