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About MathVantage

The MathVantage’s mission is to change student’s lives by adding a solid math background in a short amount of time (42 lessons) and giving the necessary skills needed to face the challenges of college mathematics. MathVantage is also created in such a way as to instill confidence in students and dispel their math anxiety. It allows them free rein of their creativity and enables them to push themselves beyond their perceived limits. It initiates them into a way of dealing with challenges in life.

Among the obstacles of getting a college degree in the US, several studies have shown that the math background and the high tuition costs can demotivate many potential students. The MathVantage’s vision is to impact the learning process in the mathematics field by offering high-quality math courses and an amazing math experience with a very low cost. MathVantage is a greater opportunity to earn a college degree even among low-income students.

Any motivated child with at least 12 years of age, independent of his or her math background or financial situation, could have a solid math background and a better life by pursuing a college education to thrive in the 21st century. The necessary skills needed to face the challenges of college mathematics are achieved by adding heart and soul into their math education experience. When students study advanced math early, they are making a commitment with themselves to pursue a college degree.



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